Why JavaScript Compared to other languages like C++ or Ruby, JavaScript is much simpler which makes it easier to learn and work with. Furthermore, you don’t need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or Virtual Machine (VM) to get started with JavaScript. You can use a plain text editor and a web browser to check your work. JavaScript also happens to be one of the most open and widely supported languages in terms of developer support. 1. I just find this site and its incredible well maintaine. It has all the informance about javscript new and old. And it will teach you javascript step by step. And believe me you find this site very promising.

It also tech about javascript testing tool mocha, javascript animation and css animation with javascript. This site is very easy to follow and very friendly.
2. FreeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a open source community where people learn to code and help nonprofits. FreeCodeCamp teach the people step by step like first it will teach …

Web Design 101

Hello Friends......

My Name is Amit Singh And This is my first blog At My this blog site. IN This blog i will teach you the fundamental of web design . And all The Skill that you need to become a better Web Designer or Web Developer

Skills you need to learn

Basic Skills....
These are the basic web designer skills That you need with these skills you can start your web design carrier easily.
By tomorrow 
I'M going to start are WEB DESIGN 101 series.
Get ready..